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Get the most out of your 

Microsoft Teams Rooms setup

Join us for In The Room, the one-stop-webinar for all things Microsoft Teams Rooms! Throughout this ongoing series, we'll cover everything you need to know to get the most out of your Microsoft Teams Room setup. 

Each session your hosts, Liam & Jimmy, will share Microsoft Teams Rooms tips and tricks, answer all your questions in the Q&A time, and provide you with helpful resources for you to explore.

Set your team up for success and get In The Room!

Meet your hosts

Liam Sevier

Partner Technical Specialist  |  Microsoft Teams Rooms Systems

Most of Liam's professional career has been centered around online video, helping people to have immersive experiences with real time engagements.

Liam brings a heavy focus to supporting technical enablement and growing partnerships, with Microsoft and Teams Rooms systems.

Jimmy Vaughan

Partner Technical Specialist  |  Microsoft Teams Rooms Systems

Prior to joining Microsoft, Jimmy was with Crestron Electronics for nearly 20 years where his efforts exemplified the tradition of quality that Crestron has been known for since its founding. 

Jimmy has achieved both Microsoft MVP and Crestron Master programmer status; two highly recognized and complimentary accomplishments.

Special guest speaker

Andrew "Higgsy" Higgs

Partner Technical Specialist  |  Microsoft Teams Rooms Systems

Andrew has been in the Unified Communications industry close to 15 years with a deep specialization in Microsoft Calling and Meeting technologies. “Higgsy”, as he commonly known by, has a passion for inspiring and influencing the Partner ecosystem with sales and technical capabilities.

Upcoming sessions

Oct 20th
4:00 PM Eastern

Become the expert in creating your very own LIVE Microsoft Teams Rooms Demo Environment

Not sure how or where to start with creating and delivering an effective demo for your Teams Rooms opportunities? Joined by our special guest Andrew "Higgsy" Higgs, join Jimmy and Liam In The Room as they talk about some of the best practices to enable success!


Q3 episode #4

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