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Leverage Microsoft Visio, Microsoft 365, and Power Platform to transform business

Through this series, learn how Microsoft Visio, Microsoft 365, and Power Platform can help businesses evolve in a world that has changed dramatically over the last year. We’ll discuss how these solutions can positively impact businesses across a variety of industries, empowering transformation and accelerating growth.

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Event Recordings

Jun 1 | No more manual diagramming! Let Microsoft Visio do the work for you.

Although it was a leap forward to create diagrams in the original Microsoft Visio, the expectation then was that users first had to open a stencil then start diagrams by dragging and dropping, followed by more dragging and dropping. Then, users had to establish connections between data and Visio files to manually update their data visualizations. But what if that could all happen automatically, like magic?

Presented by Šenaj Lelić 

May 25 | Glean valuable organizational insights from Microsoft Visio

Nowadays, organizations find themselves overloaded with information and struggling to identify the tools that can help. The good news is that the tooling is available, but the complicating factor is that these tools are getting more complex to understand and use. This webinar will cover the basics of simple solutions and monitoring environments that pull data from almost anywhere, using Microsoft Visio. Microsoft Visio may seem a tool that only focuses on charts and diagrams, but Visio empowers organizations to visualize and interpret data in a graphical context, making it easy to glean insights for organizations to act upon.

Presented by Šenaj Lelić

Apr 20 | Efficient organizational communication through diagramming with Microsoft Teams and Visio

It’s a well-known fact that Microsoft Teams is the hub for communication and productive teamwork: collecting data, files, and information for collaboration all in one place. But did you know that Microsoft Visio can optimize communication and documentation, and that Visio can play an essential role in productive collaboration through Microsoft Teams? Discover how everyone can work productively in Microsoft Teams, even while creating communication visualizations with Visio. Don’t miss this opportunity to boost the quality of your organization’s communication by incorporating Visio into the ultimate hub of Teams.

Presented by Šenaj Lelić & Scott Helmers

Mar 23 | Explore the Microsoft Visio-verse!

Do you fly through the Microsoft Visio universe, creating simple (for you!) diagrams that can be viewed in virtually any browser on any device? Do you blow people away with the sheer variety of modern Visio diagrams in your toolbelt? Do you create Visio diagrams on almost any mobile or desktop device with a flick of your finger? You don’t need a map to explore the Visio-verse. You'll learn how easy it is to create Visio diagrams - even when you don’t have a Visio license. You’ll be amazed by the marvelous power of the Visio-verse.

Presented by Scott Helmers

Mar 16 | Become a Microsoft Visio Plan #1 pro

Microsoft Visio has spent years under the radar transforming its capabilities. While the older Microsoft Visio had to be installed as a desktop application, new Visio Plans run entirely on a web browser, making today’s Visio way more accessible without a great “startup effort.” This webinar showcases Visio’s modernized capabilities, including how to get started and even how to create a variety of complex diagrams. All you need is a few smarts and a Microsoft 365 compatible web browser to become a Visio Pro!

Presented by Šenaj Lelić

Mar 1 | Visualize business success by combining Microsoft Visio & Microsoft Power BI

There is no shortage of data in most organizations, but just having data isn’t enough. So how do you leverage that data, learn from it, and draw actionable insights? One answer is to visualize data in the context of a diagram, which is surprisingly easy to do using Microsoft’s Visio and Power BI. With Visio by itself, you can create diagrams that “light up” with visualizations. Even better, when you drop a Visio diagram into a Power BI report, you add context to the data, and that context creates actionable insights you can use to move your business forward.

Presented by Scott Helmers 

Feb 24 | What Visio in Microsoft 365 can do for you

Communication is critical in our modern business environment—and visual communication can be key to communicating information in a clear, concise way. Today, millions of people can create, edit, and share diagrams—either in Visio for the web or in Microsoft Teams—as part of their Microsoft 365 commercial subscription. With access to core Visio capabilities and a variety of popular diagram templates, users can enhance visual communication across their organization and across a variety of business scenarios.

Presented by Šenaj Lelić

Dec 6 | How Microsoft Visio and the Microsoft 365 ecosystem bring business processes alive

In these uncertain times, communication and streamlining across remote work locations are more important than ever – which makes business process documentation a boring necessity. But what if business process documentation wasn’t boring, and instead visualizations could facilitate modern, efficient processes? You won’t want to miss this webinar that will demonstrate how the oneAssist Suite combines Microsoft Visio and the Microsoft 365 environment to make successful employee onboarding, driving information environments, and bringing processes alive a fun experience.

Presented by Šenaj Lelić

Nov 18 | Business Continuity can be easy with Microsoft Visio, Microsoft 365 Platform tools, and oneAssist BC extensions

How do you and your business ensure continuity? With proper planning, careful communication, and--of course--good tools! This webinar will discover the real and practical applications of the oneAssist BC suite which embeds Microsoft Visio, and the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. See for yourself how this isn’t just a good tool for business continuity, it’s an essential tool to understand your organization better!

Presented by Šenaj Lelić

Sept 29 | Create professional diagrams wherever you work

With the shift to hybrid work comes the need for organizations to reinvent their business processes. Diagrams are one of the best ways to visualize these business processes, which is why we’re bringing the power of Microsoft Visio to all Microsoft 365 commercial license subscribers. The Visio web app in Microsoft 365 will offer general-purpose diagram templates—including basic flowcharts and process diagrams—to help you get started fast. And rich collaboration features and seamless integration with a variety of Microsoft apps, including Microsoft Teams, provide a collaborative diagramming experience from anywhere. Join us and learn more about the Visio web app coming to Microsoft 365—so everyone in your organization can try professional diagramming.

Presented by Mukul Kumar

Sep 22 | Bring your best ideas to life with Microsoft Visio and Microsoft 365

There’s more to Microsoft Visio than simple diagrams and process flows—much more, and a lot of it is thanks to Microsoft 365. For example, you can use Visio Visual to embed Visio diagrams into Power BI dashboards, export Visio diagrams to Power Automate to automatically execute business workflows or develop accurate network diagrams in Visio for the web with the latest Azure-specific shapes. Not to mention, you can create, view, edit, and collaborate on your Visio diagrams from inside Microsoft Teams. Join our webinar to learn how Visio helps you visualize your processes with a host of integrations across Microsoft 365 to accomplish even more.

Presented by Mukul Kumar