Hosted by Presenter Group | Sponsored by Microsoft | March 18 - April 29, 2021

Surface Academy Series

Get trained with the Surface Academy Series!

As a valued Microsoft partner, you are an important ally in Microsoft's vision to transform work as we know it into digitally empowered Modern Workplaces. This round of our Surface Academy Series is suited for all partners, whether you have been selling Surface for many years or you are just getting started. We have sessions to choose from for all types of roles and knowledge levels, which you can put together as you see it fit.

What you can expect to gain:

  • Insights into the PC and Hub historical market evolution and forecast
  • Walk through of latest Surface portfolio of devices and share how to best position them with customers
  • Positioning Surface Hub in the new hybrid workplace scenarios and how it compares to MTR solutions
  • Our top tips on selling Surface as alongside the M365 suite with focus topics like security & sustainability
  • Specialist experience sharing on how to win in Education
  • Marketing best practices: SEO, online advertising and account based marketing

Presenter Group is thrilled to host this event series, sponsored by Microsoft. 


Winning in Education

Audience: Marketing & Sales | 18 March

This webinar is all about winning new Education customers with Surface. Based on recently won real-life cases, our Specialists will provide insights on how they approached deals and which were the key factors that led to the customer choosing our solution.

Selling Surface with M365 Solutions

Audience: Marketing & Sales | 23 March

We will give you our top 10 tips on how to position Surface alongside the M365 suite, enabling your customers to maximize their investment. We'll also cover topics like security & sustainability considerations, remote working with Teams, modern management with Windows Autopilot, and more.

Surface Hub in the Hybrid Workspace

Audience: Marketing, Sales, Technical  |  25 March

Developed and delivered by one of our Technical Sales Specialists, this session will guide you through how to position Surface Hub in the new hybrid workplace scenarios and how it compares to MTR solutions. We'll also talk about the latest hardware and software updates, management, deployment, and troubleshooting basics.

Surface Portfolio Update

Audience: Marketing & Sales  |  15 April

Join us as we walk through the brand new Surface portfolio of devices and share how best to position them with customers. You'll learn about key unique selling points and Surface engineering insights you won't find on any PowerPoint deck.

Essential Marketing Tactics

Audience: Marketing  |  21 April

This module will cover how you can drive revenue from new customers with Search Engine Optimization, capturing prospects at the point of searching for a solution. We'll also cover how you can reach broader audiences and elevate your brand with advertising on relevant online publications and leverage account-based marketing to drive leads with large customers.

Market Insights and Trends

Audience: Marketing & Sales  |  27 April

In this session we'll provide insights on the PC and Hub market evolution over the last six months, as well as predictions for the upcoming period.

M365 Fundamentals

Audience: Marketing & Sales  |  29 April

During this session you'll learn more bout the Microsoft 365 product family, how to position the different suites based on different customers' needs and audiences, and how to sell them effectively to your customers jointly with Surface devices.