Webinar series hosted by Presenter Group | Sponsored by Microsoft and MVP Partners

Leverage Microsoft Visio and Power Platform to transform businesses

Through events in this series, learn how Microsoft Visio and Power Platform can help businesses evolve in a world that has changed dramatically over the last year. We’ll discuss how these solutions can positively impact businesses across a variety of industries, empowering transformation and accelerating growth.

Event recordings

April 13 | Using Microsoft Teams and Visio to Communicate Complex Ideas in our Modern Workplace 

Your job is to communicate complex ideas by breaking them down so anyone can understand them. Sounds easy! But it is not. Find out how Microsoft 365 tools Visio, SharePoint, Power Platform, and Teams work together to help you effectively communicate your organization’s complex ideas. ​

April 20 | Process Modeling for the Modern Workplace Using Microsoft Visio 

Discover how to host an effective process modeling environment for your modern workplace using Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Visio.

April 27 | Leveraging Microsoft Visio Graphics and Data in Microsoft 365 Apps​​ 

Graphics can inspire action, persuade, and report data in ways that words simply cannot. That’s why you want to leverage Microsoft Visio in a variety of ways, exporting graphics and data into Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Plus! Visio visualizations can be merged with data sources in Power BI to quickly create data-linked dashboards. Discover the powerful combination of Microsoft Visio graphics and Microsoft 365 apps. ​ ​

May 6 | How to Build Microsoft Visio Online Solutions​ 

Want to learn how you can build powerful Microsoft Visio online solutions? ​

In this webinar, you’ll discover how utilize Visio to build online solutions. The webinar will also dig into the interactions you can have with Visio diagrams using the Visio JavaScript API, and how you can build a solution that can be used as a playground on your Microsoft Office 365 tenant using SPFx Framework.​

June 1 | Save time by using Microsoft Visio ShapeSheets

You need new ways to save your organization and yourself time. Did you know that much like an Excel user creates formulas within worksheets to make jobs go faster, Microsoft Visio has built-in efficiencies? For example, Visio has a structure similar to worksheets, where shapes and formulas can be leveraged to provide highly useful functionalities that save time.

This webinar is a gentle introduction to Visio ShapeSheets and the extra smartness they provide that will improve efficiency and save you time.

June 15
Video pending

Beyond “Just Diagrams”: Using Microsoft Visio ShapeSheets to do More​ ​

Microsoft Visio is synonymous with the word “diagram” – but the power of Visio goes beyond that. For instance, did you know that Visio can be used to design floorplans? The secret to floorplans and other Visio power-packed functionalities is within its ShapeSheets, which enable you to use sections and cells, to design furniture shapes, and ultimately design floorplans. Visio’s power to design floorplans is especially relevant as offices are redesigned to accommodate post-pandemic lessons in the modern workplace. ShapeSheets are one of those tools you’ve always needed and didn’t know you had at your fingertips. Join this webinar to discover the power of Microsoft Visio ShapeSheets. ​